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From Dust Review

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From Dust Review

Post by innerWrAiTh on 18/8/2011, 4:36 pm

From Dust makes me think and yearn for the old days of AOE and Black and White games on them PC. From Dust is a good game the controls are simple and not very complex. From dust places you as a spirit and you must help your people survive. The game takes place through memories of your tribe and makes you work on saving them in different hostile environments like lava, changing environments like hurricanes and tsunamis, and deserts and so forth. You have different powers you gather as you progress you can pick up water and put fires out pick up lava and build mountains and also sand to build walkways to move from one island to another. You can also pick up certain trees like fire trees and water trees each do different things when placed by each other.

As I played this game though I wanted more control over the villagers and more control over everything. The game is fun but more is needed.

Replay: 7

Graphics: 8

Sound/Music: 9

Overall: 9 out of 10 for 1200 points I highly recommend it.


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Webmaster + Site Founder

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Re: From Dust Review

Post by Silence Engaged on 18/8/2011, 4:41 pm

I myself enjoyed the game. I fully agree with you inner. Keep up the great work! Very Happy
Silence Engaged

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